↑ click the image above to see a flower animate to and from various letters ↑
letters has a problem that has always bothered me. letters used a 3D form as the final product of translated information. The problem with the presentation of information in this way is that not all of it can be seen at once. You have to move around the shape and see it from all sides in order to fully understand it.

With letters v2 I tried to solve this problem by presenting all information on a two dimensional plane. In addition to wanting to solve problems of presentation I wanted to add the component of comparison. Now, instead of a single person's handwriting being shown, multiple people's handwriting is shown and can now be compared. There are basically two ways information can be shown for comparison. One being like time based notes in music. Components are presented one after the other. The second being simultaneous presentation. Everything is shown at once. Time based presentation requires one to remember information in order to make comparisons. Where differentiation is subtle, time based comparison can become difficult or impossible. letters v2 works best with the simultaneous presentation because of subtle differences between the flowers at times and the fact that what I'm trying to illuminate is the uniqueness of handwriting.

Each flower's form and it's corresponding number pairs are being determined by a single hand written letter of the alphabet. I have asked four people to write the English alphabet three times. Every person has three flowers associated with their hand writing: the upper left three belong to the first person, the upper right three belong to the second, the bottom left three belong to the third and the bottom right three belong to the fourth. At any single moment every flower on screen is being driven by one type of letter. For example, all the flowers could be showing a "c". Each person's first flower would be driven by their first writing of a "c", the second flower by the second "c" and the third flower by the third "c". Every 2 minutes a new letter is chosen and the flowers slowly change to reflect the new letter.